Chongyi Zhangyuan Tungsten Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Zhangyuan Tungsten) is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, which is the Capital of Tungsten. Its business range from exploring, mining, dressing, metallurgical processing, powder producing, tungsten alloy & cemented carbide producing , deep processing and trading, and was listed on the Shenzhen Exchange in 2010.(Stock abbreviation: Zhangyuan Tungsten, stock code: 002378)


 Resource Support Base Constructed from Green Mines

Zhangyuan tungsten has 6 mines with mining rights and 8 mines areas with prospecting rights. According to the company's latest appraisal record of mineral rights reserves in Jiangxi Provincial Natural Resources Department, the company's mineral rights have a tungsten resource reserve of 94,600 tons. All of these has established a strong foundation for the tungsten resource supply base.


 Technological Innovation Leads Future Development

Zhangyuan Tungsten always puts the technological innovation as an engine for development, and insists the independent innovation way which combines with policy, producing, learning, researching and practicing. We established the technology center as the core platform for innovation and innovation system which was invested over hundreds million RMB and was imported more than 200 sets advanced testing equipment. The technology center is the enterprise technology center recognized by the state. Academician Workstation of Postdoctoral Workstation of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Postdoctoral Research Base of Central South University, Postgraduate Workstation of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology. The Postdoctoral Research Center which approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, were set up relying on our technical center.

Zhangyuan Tungsten has made fruitful achievements in innovation. By the end of 2023, it has more then 300 authorized patents, including more then 100 invention patents, and participated in drafting more then 30 national standards, has won 17 provincial and above science and technology awards. “The projects of clean, efficient, producing high performance powder technology and Industrialization production from white & black tungsten”,and”Key technologies, equipment integrated innovation and industrialization project of ammonium salt system green scheelite smelting”,won the second prize of the National Science and Technological Progress Award.


 Our Products Can Cover the Whole Industry Chain

Since the beginning of establishment, we’re devoted to transforming from resource superiority to industrial strength, and continually extended our industrial chain which related to terminal deep-processing products. Besides, we are the state-owned tungsten products exporting trade qualification enterprise which were approved by the Commerce Department. Zhangyuan trademark was identified as A Well-Known Trademark in China. All tungsten powder, tungsten carbide powder and cemented carbide series products that under the Zhangyuan brand are Jiangxi famous-brand products.


 Positioning of World-Class & Highlighting Industrial Advantage


As a strategic rare resource, tungsten and tungsten products are widely used . Based on abundant resource of minerals and advanced tungsten deep-processing techniques, aiming the world’s leading area of tungsten deep-processing, and purposing to be a world-class enterprise, continually extended our industrial chain which related to terminal deep-processing products . Subsidiary, Ganzhou Achteck Tool Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Ganzhou Achteck") has been deeply engaged in the field of tungsten industrial chain deep-processing, focusing on its own technology research and development, and constantly promoting the upgrading of cemented carbide products to high precision and high value -added. Products are widely used in automotive, energy, mold, general machinery, aerospace and other fields.

Ganzhou Achteck relies on advanced production, development and testing equipment, the construction of high performance cemented carbide precision cutting tools production line and high performance cemented carbide bar production line, deeply integrated[integrates] automatic numerical control equipment and information system, and to implement[implements] the intelligent of the cemented carbide product manufacturing to upgrade. The carbide coated cutting tools have been used by some customers to replace the imported products from Europe and America, and promoted the localization of high-end equipment manufacturing tools. At the same time[Meanwhile], Achteck[Ganzhou Achteck] continues to expand the international market, the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Russia, Turkey, Japan and South Korea, etc., and are well received by the market. Achteck Tool's[Ganzhou Achteck’s] brand image " Be an expert of difficult machining " further has been recognized by international market.


 Culture and Honors

For a long time, Zhangyuan Tungsten paid great attention to cultivate the operation philosophy of “Benefit from Resources, Reliance on Technologies, Devotion to Humanity and Top with Trust”and the values of “Safe, Harmonious, Efficient, Innovative”, and gave full play to the political guidance power of party organization in the area of enterprise development and its core role in the worker mass. Using party-masses culture to guide our corporate cultural construction. In the meantime, Zhangyuan Tungsten actively paid back to the society, and was enthusiastic about the programs for public good, the amount of all donations has totally achieved over RMB 50 million. In addition, we also won some other honorary titles, such as the “National Harmonious Labor Relation Excellent Enterprise”, the “National Excellent Cultural Construction of Private Enterprise” and the “ Model Home of Workers”.