In ZhangYuan


We will unreservedly pass on to you our know-how.


We will offer you our most competitive salary and benefits.


We will provide you a diversified and broad platform.



In ZhangYuan, with the normative recruitment process and scientific career assessment, we can provide the right position for you in line with your own skill and personality. We’re happy to welcome the staffs who are willing to walk together with us in order to seek “two-win” for both you and us, while we had to say sorry to those staffs who are at odds with the culture and concept advocated by us.



In ZhangYuan, we do pay attention to your sustainable growth and provide various trainings for you. We do unreservedly pass on to you our know-how and share with you our experience, and do offer individualized trainings for you in order to realize the staff’s continuous improvement.



In ZhangYuan, we do trust the person in position and do provide you opportunities for career advancement and a broad stage in life. 



In ZhangYuan, we do offer you our most competitive salary and the compulsory insurance in accordance with the Chinese Labour Law, which includes five social insurances and one housing fund, as well as paid leave benefits for marriage, pregnancy, funeral and sickness, and together with the allowance (paid annual leave and cash gift), good accommodation and paid home leave for people from other provinces and cities, and a variety of caucus in union activities, so as to make you threw yourself into work and enjoy your wok and free you from worries.