Our Guidelines: 

To strengthen intellectual property protection

To promote enterprise independent innovation

In Dec. 2006, Zhangyuan Tungsten becomes one of the lists of enterprise intellectual property pilot units in Jiangxi province.
At the beginning of 2007, we set up the pilot unit leading group and initially formulated and implemented a series of rules & regulations on intellectual property management, such as “Regulations on Intellectual Property Management”, “Administration Regulations for Patent Issues”, “Administration Regulations for the Brand ‘ZhangYuan’ ”, “Regulations on Awarding for Sci-Tech Achievements”, “Regulations on Sci-Tech Archives Management”, and so on.
In Jan. 2010, we have approval the provincial acceptance inspection as an enterprise intellectual property pilot unit.
In May 2011, we entrusted the National Patent Technology Exhibition & Exchange Center of Jiangxi customizing the intellectual propriety strategic solution for us.
On 22nd, Dec. 2012, our strategic solution approval the acceptance inspection and won praise by some experts from the State Intellectual Property Office, the Central South University and Jiangxi University of Science and Technology, which were invited by Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office.
On 24th, Apr. 2013, we accepted the pilot site inspection on “Regulations on Enterprise Intellectual Property Management” by some experts organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office. After the careful verification through reviewing and checking the relevant documents and site inquires by the inspection group, we finally were judged as the up–to-the–standard enterprise, i.e. the basic indexes that meet the national standards in “Regulations on Enterprise Intellectual Property Management”.
In June 2013, we have applied to registries "ZW" and other 10 marks in category 1 and category 6 of the commodity classification list from the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. After more than one year of examination, approval, announcement and other procedures, the trademark registration application was approved in 2015. At present, our company totally has 21 registered trademarks.
In October 2014, our company was identified as “Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise in Jiangxi Province" by Jiangxi Provincial Intellectual Property Office. In November of the same year, we successfully passed GB/ t29490-2013 intellectual property management system certificate.
In July 2016,our brand was confirmed as “China famous brand”.

In December 2019, the company was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise".

In October 2022, the company was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise".

As of December 2022, our company had 252 authorized patents, including 58 invention patents.