Zhangyuan tungsten determine to seize the opportunity to improve the management level of our company further with the help of the management information system, which is an advanced, practical and reliable system, and to provide full, accurate and timely decision information to our decision-making level by the unified data information and integrated system.


With the current supply system at the core, we build a supply chain application system that contains purchasing management, sales management, delivery management and warehouse management. In the meantime, we also establish an enterprise group financial management system and a production management system with production plans at the core, and apply Ufida NC cost management system on the top of it, so as to meet the requirement of calculating the cost in rapid and accurate way and finely controlling the production cost. At the same time, the establishment of human resource management system is also our pressing need.


On the basis of the production system implementation, we carry out a series of systems such as manufacturing execution system, workshop operation and production scheduling management. Meanwhile, we realize the integration of data control and data management by using the UAP and the interconnection among the API of Ufida NC production management system and MES and DCS. In addition, we also timely launch the OA system and Overall Budget Management System.


In June 2018, our company passed the GB/T 23001-2017 two-integrated management system certification.