The Logo of ZhangYuan Tungsten consists of two parts, i.e. an English abbreviation and a Chinese abbreviation, of which the “Z” is the first letter of alphabet of “ZhangYuan Tungsten” and “W” is the chemical symbol of “wolfram”. The black line and the Chinese characters “章源钨业” represent the confidence of ZhzangYuan Tungsten to adhere to the concept of sustainable development, to continuously complete the whole industry chain and to realize the internationalization.


The two orange dots express the self-confidence and enthusiasm of ZhangYuan Tungsten, reflect its stress on the harmonious development between enterprise with the natural environment, and stand for the good hope for its keeping pace with the times and rising. As for the main color Black, it can express our characters such as steady, reason, wisdom and doggedness.


As a whole, the Logo gives an expression of our spirits of integrity, innovation, improving and excellence with its strong impact force, hale line and complementary point-line –surface.



The Logo of “ZhangYuan” is ruled by ZhangYuan Tungsten, and its modeling is inspired by the Zhangyuan Bridge located at the source of Zhangjiang River. It is dotted with spindrifts and is framed within a rhombus figure, which the vivid Chinese characters “章源” are drawn with Chinese ink painting, and are full of strong Chinese classical element breath and vision impact with their full structure and harmonious color coding. It reflects its stress on the harmonious development between enterprise with the natural environment and expresses vivid and lively enterprise atmosphere. It means that we will ride the wind and waves and continuously make innovation in line with the need of customer with positive mentality, and provide competitive products and solutions for customers, so as to face challenges and opportunities together. It also shows that we will put the quality in a certain position and control every process and keep improving. Also, the Logo embodies the young, positive and steady spirits of ZhangYuan Tungsten.