In order to ensure the coordinated development of the environmental protection and realize “two-win” of economic development and environmental protection, we specially set up “Safety and Environmental Protection Department”, which is composed of several technicists on safety and environmental protection from some related colleges and universities and research institutions, to professionally take charge the work of our environmental protection and safety management in full time. So we can make sure of the smooth development of our environmental protection from the point of the sense of business and institution setting. 


 Environmental Protection Concept


Since the foundation of our company, we have been adhering to the environmental guidelines of “efficient utilization of resources, dedication on pollution prevention, abidance by law and construction of green ZhangYuan ”. We made the “ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System” as the administrative tool to earnestly implement all sorts of regulations and rules on environmental protection. In addition, we also established “three simultaneities” management method according to the law for all tungsten metallurgy on new, altered and expanded projects as well as the process and construction projects, and had passed the examine and approve from some environmental authorities.




As our company developed and grew stronger and stronger, we had always been giving the priority to the work of environmental protection and cleaner production, and had invested more than 60 million RMB to improve the environment of all mines and deep processing factory districts. We also implemented a series of projects, such as two-in-one disposing project which aim at Taoxikeng tungsten deposit waste water and tailings, Xinanzi tailing pond, Shilei tailing pond at Dayu, waste water treatment station in deep processing factory districs, so as to improve our base installation and technical craft of environmental protection, and rise the level of environmental pollution prevention and cleaner production. As a result, we could steadily run all treatment facilities and ensure that the emission of every pollutant is up to the standard, and never caused any environmental accident.





In 2013, we received the certificate of “enterprise with industry entry criteria for tungsten, tin and antimony” by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, so our underneath tungsten deposits, such as Taoxikeng Xinanzi and shilei, had become the national green mine pilot units, of which the “technical improvement project of Taoxikeng tungsten deposits dressing plant ” was 2012 national pilot project of ore resources conservation and comprehensive utilization, and in 2013, the Taoxikeng tungsten deposits was identified as the “popularization and application demonstration plot of advanced and applicable technology on ore resources conservation and comprehensive utilization” by China's Ministry of Land and Resources.
Our company was successfully listed in the second batch of green factory list of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, this is an award for our company been paying attention to environmental protection, adhere to green development, and actively promote green technology innovation. Our company was also rated as a "green enterprise" in the 2017 environmental credit evaluation of some provincial key polluters by Jiangxi Provincial Environmental Protection Department.
Meanwhile, we also established and improved the environmental protection management system and emergency contingency plan related on environment, so as to set up our responsible corporate image.


 Safety Precaution



Under the strong support from the local government and safety production regulatory department, we hold the policy on safety production of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment and sustainable development” and fully implemented many national and local laws and regulations related on the safety production. We also faithfully implemented the safety evaluation system on construction project and all new, altered and expanded projects accorded with the national “three simultaneities” management method. In recent years, we insisted on regarding the safety standardization as management tool and the “ISO45001” Occupation Health Safety Management system” as management way, and fully implemented the safety production responsibility system of personnel on all levels, established and improved various management systems of safety production and emergency contingency plans, so never caused any work safety accidents.

In Sep. 2012, our deep processing department also received the certificate of “national metallurgy industry safety standardization for the secondary unit” and the certificate awarded by the Jiangxi Administration of Work Safety, so we greatly improved our safety management level and reduced safety risk. In addition, we also received the certificate of “ISO45001” Occupation Health Safety Management System”, we optimized some facilities related on occupation and health, and improved the environmental health of shop operation, so effectively protected our staff’s physical and psychological health.